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DrivePur 3-Step Odor Treatment
Additional Services
Headlight Restoration
A true "back-to-new" lens restoration. Involves cleaning and sanding the typical yellow oxidation layer that degrades light projection through your headlights. 

Single: $60
Pair: $110
Car/Truck:  $80
SUV:  $90 
Minivan/ Large SUV:  $100

*Click on the Drive Pur box to see more information about this product.
Over Spray Removal - Quote- Vehicle must be present and reviewed at the shop before price is given. Over Spray Removal falls under our shop rate of $50/hr.

Floor Mat Cleaning - Floor mats shampooed and pressure washed, hung up to dry. 
Rubber mats- $5/mat, Carpet mats- $7/mat 

Clay Bar - A clay bar treatment removes surface contamination in a vehicle's clear coat. This leaves the vehicle smooth and should be followed by wax application.  A clay bar treatment can be added on to a detail package.  
Car- $25, Small SUV/2 Door Truck- $30, SUV/Extended Cab or Crew Cab Truck- $50, Minivan- $55
*clay bar does NOT remove scratches
If you have any questions about our packages, give us a call, or drop by. We are more than happy to help you out!
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Drive Pur - the world's best in-car health treatment.
• Kills odors, bacteria, mildew, mold
• Continues to work for years. Photocatalyst continues to work continuously with UV exposure
• Removes smoke odors permanently
• Vomit and urine - Drive Pur kills it all
• Cleans entire air conditioning/heater system